ActionLaser is an example of a successful Australian “high tech start-up” manufacturing company.  It evolved from the combination of the sugar industry’s need for a better sugar centrifuge screen and the development by CSIRO research physicists of advanced Nd-YAG laser perforation technology.

Perforated Screens

Due to their longer life and greater resistance to slot deformation and enlargement LaserScreens, when used instead of tradional chrome-nickel screens in continuous centrifugals, generate increased yield and greater profit for the sugar factory.

Compared to conventional chrome-nickel screens, ActionLaser stainless steel laser perforated screens (”LaserScreens”) deliver major operational savings through increasing sugar yield by limiting molasses purity rise across continuous centrifugal machines. The combination of superior chrome adhesion to stainless steel; tougher steel material versus “softer” nickel; and shorter slot sizes, enables laser perforated LaserScreens to resist premature slot enlargement – by both wear and slot deformation. The benefit is reduced sugar loss to molasses and higher sugar production. The end result: Chrome coated stainless steel LaserScreens provide greater sugar yield and Save You Money.

Jigger Tubes

ActionLaser supported research undertaken by SRI to develop the SRI Jigger Tube. The elegance of the design is in its simplicity. SRI found that a jigger tube aperature size of 200 microns ensured that when the vacuum was broken at the end of each batch, the surface tension of the massecuite would prevent it from flowing back into the Jigger Tubes.

SRI and ActionLaser officially launched SRI Jigger Tubes to the gloabal sugar industry at the 2007 ISSCT meeting in Durban, South Africa.

The SRI Jigger Tube System significantly improves the operation of sugar mill natural circulation vacuum pans