It is not hard to find evidence of BMA’s work in the sugar and food industries. We have implemented projects in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our EPC solutions for complete process stations or even whole factories are in demand wherever futureproof plant technology, energy efficiency in operation and final product quality are the key performance indicators with the highest priority. We started out in the sugar industry; today, BMA also supplies factory solutions for sugar by-products and the food industry.

BMA falling-film evaporators

The way an evaporator plant works has a crucial impact on the heat economy of sugar factories and refineries. Perfectly tailored to the overall process, it allows effective action to increase the energy efficiency of upstream or downstream process steps.

Vertical vacuum pans VKT from BMA

Vertical vacuum pans from BMA were developed to ensure maximum massecuite purity and for use in cane sugar factories. To date, VKT have been installed in more than 70 factories, meeting very high requirements: process continuity, massecuite with a high crystal content, and a small footprint for outside installation.

Batch centrifugals from BMA: very dynamic

Centrifugals are the most dynamic type of machinery used in sugar production. At high rotational speeds, the sugar crystals are separated from the mother liquor. In the design of our centrifugals, our top priorities are excellent performance, as well as a long service life and outstanding reliability.

K3300F Continuous Centrifugals

The implementation of continuous processes in production is one factor that ensures efficiency. In sugar production, the continuous centrifugals from BMA ensure continued output coupled with maximum throughput. And even more. Another asset of our centrifugals is their outstanding user-friendliness.

K3080 Continuous Centrifugal

Meet the new addition to our product range of continuous centrifugals machine: the K3080. It has excellent DNA: with more than 500 centtrifugal machines commissioned since 2008, the continuous centrifugal K3 series has been setting new standards in centrifugal design.

So why introduce a new model? It’s quite simple really: the K3300F was developed for high throughputs such as found mainly in large beet or cane sugar factories. But the BMA range lacked a model geared to the requirements of smaller factories and refineries – until now.

The K3080 is a third-generation continuous centrifugal with an upper basket diameter of 1,080 mm. It is designed to process approx. 17 t / h of A product (refinery), 15 t / h of B product or 10 t / h of C product. Clearly, the actual throughput depends on operating conditions such as the massecuite properties.

Sugar drying and cooling plants

Cane sugar factories, and sugar refineries throughout the world use BMA plants for the drying and/or cooling of refined sugar, white sugar, and/or VHP and VLC sugar.

Large-scale projects from BMA

No two EPC projects are the same. Each is unique in terms of its size, duration and scope. The references below are simply examples of the many projects we have completed in the past 160 years. Good reasons to be proud, we think

Upgrade to Automation

Automation by BMA will handle your entire project, from the initial consultation to commissioning, and for the entire life cycle management of your plant automation system. Your benefits include: expertly trained staff, global availability of services, and the comprehensive technological experience and expertise of the whole BMA Group.