Putsch is an international network of technology companies. Our company headquarters is located in Hagen, Germany. The company group consists of 6 production and manufacturing sites, 4 of which have their own research and development departments. In addition there are 5 sales and engineering offices as well as representation almost everywhere in the world. Over 500 highly qualified employees serve our customers the world over and around the clock in various time zones

Solutions and products of the Putsch Group are utilized around the globe every day. A satisfied base of international customers trusts the high-end technology of the various divisions of the Putsch Group

Filter presses

At the Hagen plant, Putsch has been manufacturing filter presses for many decades. The main focus is on quality, reliability and durability. Putsch filter presses are designed for a service life of over 10 years and for difficult operating conditions. This sturdiness makes filter presses from Putsch significantly more economically efficient than numerous competitors’ systems which require much more maintenance and repairs. 

Putsch manufactures the complete filter presses: frame, control cabinet, control system, hydraulics and pneumatics. The individual components come from renowned manufacturers and guarantee a long service life and reliability.

Before manufacturing, in-house mechanical engineers and processing engineers plan the filter press according to the respective customer requirements and country-specific directives.

Carbonation systems

Carbonation tanks with highly efficient gas distribution systems (Richter Tubes manufactured by PUTSCH) and very high carbonation effect.

For many years PUTSCH has been the leading manufacturer of juice purification systems for the sugar industry. By continuing to develop carbonation technology and by incorporating Richter Tubes in its carbonation systems, PUTSCH has developed a modern and efficient juice purification process. The PUTSCH process offers the following advantages:

  • High circulation rate of the juice; this is attributable to the optimum distribution of the CO2 and to the difference in density between the juice in the guide tube and the juice in the ring-space of the tank.
  • Finest and most intensive distribution of gas; this produces a more efficient carbonation effect with maximum utilization of gas.
  • Homogeneous mixing; more uniform and faster reduction of alkalinity in the juice during the carbonation process.
  • Improved color removal.
  • Shorter retention-time of the syrup in the highly alkaline range.
  • Improved formation of uniform calcium carbonate crystals; this improves the filterability of the carbonated juice.
  • Easier control of the carbonation process as a result of a more limited range of pH values.
  • Continuous and effective cleaning of the gas slots.

PUTSCH carbonation systems can be individually designed for and retrofitted into already-existing carbonation stations.

Complete Projects

The Putsch Group is one of the leading international providers of technology for the planning, construction and modernization of sugar factories and refineries. As a “global player” in the sugar and sweetener industry, Putsch has designed and manufactured cutting-edge technology for the sugar-producing industry for more than 140 years.

The range of products for sugar production spans the complete spectrum – from juice purification to filtration equipment as well as sugar transport and loading systems.

The Putsch Group – your partner for research and development, planning and design as well as the manufacture and installation of equipment. From basic engineering, implementation of the systems and after-sales service – all the expertise that you need in one place