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…we have been approached by some consultant entities and end users on what AMF can offer  for specific solutions from  segregation into boiler feed chutes…

to chip conveying at a chipper plant  to the filtering screens….

Sugar filler

One other interesting request for information, which we would like to share with you, was

for tanker loading where current facilities are not airtight nor dust free, which leads to not only sugar loss, danger of explosion but also loss in turnaround time in filling the tankers, through one nozzle at a time.

An existing design from AMF for multiple loading nozzles, supplied to numerous sugar mills and refineries, has been put forward to meet these requirements.

The sketches below show a 60 ton / hour complete truck fill station, designed and supplied by AMF for sugar mills in Russia, for multiple nozzle loading.

The sketches do not show the protection screen, an optional extra, which fits between the small incline conveyer after the bucket elevator and the vacuum conveyer supplying the fill nozzles, marked in red circle and one shown in the photo below..

This system from AMF is fully automated with level indicators, location sensors and de-dusting systems.

Chipper Plant .

The NCT Chipper plant, off Maydon Wharf, filling belt conveyors loading the vessel before sailing to Japan to process the chips into fine paper products

In the top picture, circled and pictured below, is the spare 3 m diameter 18 000 kg chipper wheel which spins at 400 rpm to chip down complete tree trunks into 50mm pieces.  Sucrotech undertook a refurbishment exercise earlier this year on the bearings and seals.

Until next time have a great festive season and best wishes for the New Year.


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