BMA Info 58 / 2020

Plenty of benefits
SUTA updates order to include direct-contact condenser from BMA

A new chapter in a successful collaboration: because of the COSUMAR Group’s positive experiences with equipment from BMA, such as our vertical continuous pans (VKT) or our falling-film evaporators (FFE), the SUTA sugar factory continues to put its trust in us.

A sugar factory with special requirements:

La Galion on Martinique

The Galion sugar factory on the Caribbean island of Martinique is both a major cultural site and an economic asset. BMA has been involved in the factory’s development for many years.

A small refinery with a big effect
 Major success for BMA on the American continent

BMA regularly implements refinery projects worldwide. Now we have completed a brand new mini refinery for Sucro Canada in Hamilton, Canada.

Mission accomplished, deadline met

Our success in China is based on close international collaboration

Our project with the East Asia Sugar Group is a fine example of BMA’s business success in China – and of the smooth collaboration between the German and Chinese project partners.


A new development for high grade continuous centrifugals         

Testing to commence soon with a newly Sucrotech developed, lump breaker  

Hard sugar lumps are one of the biggest concerns in curing high grade massecuites with conti machines whether for blending or in an affinition process.

The control valves become blocked with lumps forcing the valve to open further to maintain the flow set point. Once the valve is open enough to allow the lumps to pass, a drastic increased in product also flows through, before the valve re-adjusts itself back to the set point.

This surge of increase massecuite cannot cure in the short purging time of a continuous machine basket and colour becomes an issue. Lumps cause unnecessary colour.

Recall on plough cylinders

The hydraulic / pneumatic B1750 plough cylinder

Hydraulic over pneumatic cylinders are a complicated design performing a critical duty in allowing only a specific force to be applied on the sugar wall when ploughing out and also at the correct speed thus avoiding damage to the machine. As part of the design a piggy back cylinder with an external piston rod indicates the pressure in the main cylinder.  After tightening and loosening over the years the hydraulic pipe fitting damages the aluminium sealing face on the cylinder allowing a slow leak which, over time, reduces the pressure setting. A Dowty seal has now been introduced when overhauling all older cylinders solving the problem. If you find that your cylinder is slowly losing pressure over the season please get hold of us and we will send you a loan cylinder whilst we fix the leak and re-pressurise your cylinder.

Non OEM components

Assistance where required to avoid disaster

We can’t force mills to use OEM components but we have to make them aware of the consequences of using them, especially on BMA centrifugal rotating components. As an example, BMA baskets are made to a design that requires a Duplex SS to be used. Basket spiders, the most critical component in the machine, are pressure cast ensuring a sound material and a finer grain structure and strength. When non OEM components are supplied to us for fitting / overhauling, no warrantee can be given and cannot be worked on without an undertaking from the client that he will take all risk associated with the work to be done. An example recently is the spider below that has less than 50% contact over its length and a machined chattered finish, not ground, which causes point loading and fretting


Ronnie Chetty          – Business Manager

Sheryl Moodley        – Spares servicing         

Cheryl Callanan        – Accounts 

Clayton Chinneck         – Works Manager

Stuart Ritchie            – Engineering

Ian Ivison                   – Commercial

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