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BMA upgrades Nigerian cane sugar factory

BMA has been doing business in Nigeria for about 40 years. As an engineering partner, we played a major role in building the country’s first cane sugar factory near Numan in northern Nigeria. Now we are upgrading the factory.

Levers are out, touchscreens are in

How the interface design of our centrifugals has evolved    

In the last 150 years, BMA has developed and launched a range of different centrifugal types. With each new model, we have drawn on research and experiences gained in the field, driven by our customers’ high standards. This is equally true for interface design.

A systematic approach to energy saving
Consumption down, efficiency up: our energy management efforts are paying off

ISO 50001 is the name of the standard for establishing a rigorous and comprehensive energy management system at BMA. Its implementation is having many positive effects on our company.

BMA Webinars
Join live presentations on numerous topics associated with our industry

Over the last seven months socialising and communications have drastically changed, some in a good way some not so. One aspect which is of interest to most is the Webinar opportunities which BMA has embraced giving open presentations which are open to all with a simple log in.

Presentations Webinars
Missed our last presentations watch them now

As all the live presentations are recorded you can still view them on line either through the recorded video or via a PDF presentation.

List of presentations that have already taken place.

  • Evaluating the performance of Falling-Film Evaporator
  • The crystallisation of sugar substitutes
  • IIoT for batch centrifugals – initial results
  • Is a retrofit for batch centrifugals worth it?
  • Hands on smart monitoring
  • Smart sequencing
  • Digitalisation: A high-level overview
  • Production cost for sugar beet and sugarcane. How can producers gain from digitalization

A major contract for BMA
Construction of a new sugar factory in Bangladesh

A major contract for BMA AG has come from Bangladesh: BMA will be responsible for the engineering side of planning a new sugar refinery, the supply of equipment and purchased parts, assembly supervision, and commissioning of the plant. The contract is worth 62 million euros in total.

Innovation through automation
Robot-based production line in Braunschweig now running

In our Braunschweig workshops, a robotic system that forms part of a new production line at BMA’s main site has recently taken over the manual welding of centrifugal housings and frames.

The right choice makes a difference
Throughput, material & more: with centrifugals from BMA, all options are available

Buying a new centrifugal is an investment decision that requires careful consideration, not just in times when budgets are tight, which is why the right configuration really matters. Ultimately those supposedly small details can make all the difference.

More capacity to meet higher demand
BMA involved in upgrade of Kaset Phol plant

At the Kaset Phol cane sugar factory site, located between the cities of Khon Kaen and Udon Thani in the north of Thailand near the border with Laos, a new plant will be built and the factory complex expanded. BMA is in charge of a major part of this project: the new refinery.


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