Successful commissioning of California sugar refinery

Live support at the construction site thanks to remote solution

At the end of last year, BMA successfully commissioned a mini sugar refinery at San Diego, California, for California Sugar Equipment LLC (Zucarmex Group). Because of the pandemic, BMA was unable to be at the construction site at all times. But with our remote solution, we were able to provide customer support.  

Live operating data anytime, anywhere with smart.monitoring from BMA

BMA supplies E1810 centrifugals to sugar factories in Ukraine

Over the past ten years, BMA has successfully commissioned more than 200 centrifugals in Ukraine. At the Podillya Foods Company and the Gorodishche-Pustovarovsky sugar factory, we have installed the new generation of control systems featuring smart.monitoring. This monitoring service lets factories access live operating data from E1810 batch centrifugals, at any time and from anywhere.

Dafeng Yinmore Sugar reaches full capacity

International cooperation is key to success in the construction of China’s most cutting-edge sugar factory

China’s population of more than 1.4 billion consumed 16.2 million tonnes of sugar in 2020. The country’s urbanisation has changed the younger generation’s eating habits, including a rapid rise in sugar consumption. For 2030 this is forecast to grow even further to 18.6m tonnes. The new Dafeng Yinmore Sugar refinery built together with BMA plays an important part in meeting this demand.

Pan circulation without stirrers

SRI Jigger Tubes can enhance batch and continuous pans performance in many ways

Supplied by ActionLaser, the Australian SRI Jigger Tubes are used to improve circulation in batch or continuous “natural circulation” vacuum pans (that is, pans without mechanical stirrers).
By improving circulation, the efficiency of heat transfer is improved, leading to a variety of benefits. These include shorter cycle time for batch pans, reduced incrustation and therefore longer operating time between necessary boil-outs for continuous pans, higher brix, improved exhaustion and other benefits.

Putsch Carbonitation vessels

Installation at Nakambala of the station complete with Richter tubes assemblies

The carbonation vessels supplied by Sucrotech are fitted with highly efficient gas distribution systems called Richter Tubes which are manufactured in Germany by Putsch.
The precision tolerances of the stainless steel rotating Richter Tubes gives a very high carbonation effect without forming scaling at the gas inlet slots.

BMA products

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Product presentation: Next generation OVC
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A new generation of efficient coolers. Perfectly equipped for constant crystal growth and maximum yield. Cooling crystallisers are used in beet and cane sugar factories and sugar refineries worldwide for the crystallisation of sugar from low-purity crystal suspensions (massecuite); they are economical and produce excellent results. In developing its cooling crystallisers for low-raw massecuites, BMA has given careful thought to the theoretical principles underlying the process. BMA cooling crystallisers are employed with great success in both the beet and the cane sugar industries. Today, they only come as vertical units.
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