Plant upgrades and retrofits
New centrifugal control systems for a successful campaign

In Russia, beet sugar plants are tested to the limits during the campaign. Technical system failures must be avoided at all cost during these three or four months, as they would result in huge financial losses. Which is why sugar factories do their utmost to prepare machinery and equipment for the campaign

Immediate 24/7 support during the sugar beet campaign

Even in an emergency, customers can rely on BMA

In an emergency, customers can reach BMA 24/7 on +49 531 804 666. The breakdown of a machine, interrupting production, can result in huge financial losses. Every hour of machine downtime is money lost. What you need in that situation is immediate help without any red tape – even outside office hours and particularly at weekends.

Online training courses for the sugar industry

BMA Academy goes online with webinars

In the sugar industry, knowledge transfer is the key to greater efficiency. The Academy is now offering its training solutions online as well. This allows us to make our knowledge available to everybody, so machinery and plants can be operated efficiently and safely.

E1810 Batch machine

Another BMA E1810 has been successfully commissioned locally

An E1810 with an ABB VSD drive and motor with BMA automation has been commissioned at RES Mhlume mill on ‘A’ product. Achieving 25 plus charges per hour the machine is capable of producing sugar from45 tons massecuite an hour.
Because of Covid most of the commissioning was done by Sucrotech online through the machines Smart modem to BMA

BMA agents’ conference: a new format for dialogue

Our international Sales team gets together online

As a global company, BMA relies on the support of its international teams. To foster close collaboration, the whole Sales team normally meets once a year for a conference lasting several days. Last year, the focus was once again on networking – though of a different type

A new digital newsletter for the sugar industry

BMA is further expanding its range of digital services with webinars, online presentations and a monthly newsletter.

The corona crisis presents a challenge for corporate communications, too. But digital communication is bringing people worldwide closer together, despite the pandemic and geographical distance.

Digital services for the sugar industry

Development of hardware is a giant leap forward for BMA towards a networked sugar factory

BMA has been working on its digitalisation strategy smart4sugar for a digitally networked sugar factory since 2018. The aim is to make machine and production data available at any time and from anywhere in the world, tapping unused potential and increasing a factory’s efficiency. Our approach has been to develop a proprietary hardware, as an interface to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

BMA equipment component ready for .shipping to Bangladesh.

A short while ago the loading area was covered in snow but now spring has arrived

Parts of the cooling unit for the brand new generation of efficient, new OVC cooling crystalliser of the latest generation. The system consists of standardised cooling block elements, in which water flows counter current to the massecuite. The entire cooling system oscillates vertically by 1 m.

Presentations Webinars

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