A cane sugar factory that sets new standards

Kapal Api and BMA go for energy efficiency and sustainability

In Indonesia, one of the five major coffee producing countries worldwide, PT. Kapal Api Global ranges among the coffee producers with the highest sales. The third-generation family business produces a finely ground “3-in-1” mixture of instant coffee, creamer and sugar. Kapal Api have now commissioned BMA to supply the basic concept and basic engineering for construction of a cane sugar factory, focusing on particularly energy efficient and environmentally friendly sugar production.

Mixers and minglers – not just accessories

BMA range comprises standard and custom solutions

In addition to the main equipment for processing sugar cane and beet, such as extraction towers, diffusers, vacuum pans and centrifugals, there is also plenty of ancillary equipment: strike receivers, melters, distribution mixers and minglers are just some examples. All of them are equally important in helping the process run smoothly.

The K3300 type: a customisable standard product

Customisation of BMA centrifugals for special requirements

In August of last year, BMA delivered three K3300 continuous centrifugals to Agrana Zucker GmbH, for upgrading the centrifugal station for C-product at their Leopoldsdorf site. Their first campaign has been a success, fulfilling all the agreed performance indicators.

A facelift that is more than skin deep

BMA boosts efficiency of its OVC cooling crystalliser

How do you keep successful machinery and equipment attractive? The approach is well known from the automotive industry: minor changes are made to a car model over several development cycles, to ensure that the basic concept remains competitive and attractive to buyers for years or even decades. In a development context, this is known as a facelift.

The gamification approach: learning by playing

How can the gamification approach be used to encourage “learning by playing”

How can digital content be designed in such a way as to communicate sustainable information to employees or encourage them to improve? One not entirely new concept is the so-called gamification approach. The gamification approach starts with the digital methods and didactics of learning concepts. This means a playful approach to learning, mainly in continuing education and further training. Hang on a minute – so will I have to programme a computer game?

Good ideas, good protection: BMA patents for the sugar industry

Optimised BMA processes improve performance and protect the environment

In the last 150 years, BMA has developed and launched a whole range of processes and products. Patents play an important role in this respect, as they protect BMA’s innovations and expertise. They help us optimise our processes and protect the environment.

BMA supplies E1810 centrifugals to sugar factories in Turkey

The benefits: less energy use and higher output

Kayseri Şeker Fabrikası A.Ş., one of Turkey’s largest sugar producers, has been a BMA business partner since 1955. Now a new chapter has been added to our shared success story, with a project for upgrade and capacity extension of the Turhal sugar factory. BMA also carried out work for the Turkish Safi Holding.

BMA develops new user interface for centrifugals

Consistent visuals in E and K series for more user friendliness

Programs and apps are becoming ever more intuitive and user friendly – also the centrifugal software from BMA. With our new graphical user interface for the E and K series, we are setting standards in the sugar industry.

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